I’ll Catch Up Eventually.

It has been a hot, drippy minute since I last updated here… and boy, do I mean DRIPPY. It’s mid-September and still well over 100 degrees here. I can only sweat so much! I am, admittedly, positively sick of this heat. I don’t do well in summer weather. My kids don’t. My rabbits don’t. It’s too much. […]

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My 2018 Resolutions

I am admittedly behind on my resolutions. A Christmas Eve electrical fire at home while on a trip out of state followed by illness after you return will do that to you (the house is fine, but MANY electronics have to be replaced… that’s another story). Like I have mentioned, our lives just do not […]

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We Have Answers!

One of the things we did while visiting Utah was visiting my husband’s therapist from his teens years. I will refer to her as P. She is an expert in special needs children and adults with her own program that focuses on retraining the brain to pay attention, absorb information, and keep that information. She has taught […]

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Why I Decided to Ban My Daughter From Her Tablet (But Not My Son From His)

Most parents allow television time for their kids, to some extent. That’s totally fine. As someone who is frequently doing something- chores, sewing, rabbit work, baking, whatever- I totally understand the need to give your kids something to keep them out of your hair for a while. We get touched out, overstimulated, overwhelmed, exhausted. I […]

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A Hard Lesson Learned

Raising rabbits sounds fantastic- who wouldn’t want to spend all day playing with bunnies? The reality, though, is that you will experience more sad days than one would expect. This morning was an example. Every morning, I feed my kids, then go outside and refresh waters and feed in all the rabbit cages. I started […]

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