Starting to See Progress!

Today has been busy as I handled rabbit chores and continued the kids’ lessons. We started a bit late today, but no biggie. We started off with the math sheets we have been using, the ones where I cut out numbers and they glue them to the coordinating picture, seen here. As usual, Fox nailed it. […]

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A New Category: Hero of the Week, Featuring Fiona Sutton

How many of you are familiar with GISHWHES? GISHWHES stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen. It is ran by celebrity Misha Collins, who plays the beloved Castiel on “Supernatural.” It is a massive scavenger hunt meant to bring love, peace, silliness, challenges, self-reflection, friendship, charity… and ripped out hair. Members join […]

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Bunbun Updates!

Thursday to Saturday were basically spent catching up on chores and whatnot. I have had no time to do any of the lessons with the kids at all, but I kind of expected that. I have everything prepared still and will just continue their lessons Monday. Today was very busy for everyone. I spent all […]

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Lets Break it Down

What is your first mental image when you hear the word, “anarchy?” Chaos. Criminals. Men and women clad in black and red, tearing down establishments, smashing windows, smashing businesses… That’s not anarchy. That’s not me. That’s not my family. We are Christian anarchists. We believe God is our one King and ruler. We believe we […]

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