I Don’t Know Why I Expect Life to Slow Down…

It doesn’t. Ever. Really, that is a good thing. Business prevents a dull life.

This past couple of weeks have been so packed, so crazy, and so busy… we tooootally forgot that Thanksgiving is this week. Whoops. Why so busy? Bunnies, kids, birthdays, and sewing, of course.

On top of practicing math and reading, we were able to take the kids out for a couple of days. There was a free koi show in a nicer area of town, and of course, we all enjoyed that… and of course, I told my husband I wanted a koi pond in the future… and of course, with an exasperated sigh, he replied, “I KNOW, HANNAH, I knew you would say that if we came here because you and your mom always need animal projects.” Aaaand of course, he started brainstorming ways to turn a koi project into something profitable. I gave him a fair warning months before marriage that being in this family meant last minute, time-consuming animal projects at any given moment. He knew what he was getting into.

Bunnies. So much bunny news, both good and bad.

Bad news, we lost both of Calypso’s babies.  Calypso refused to take care of them and nothing really provides the same nutrients as the mother’s milk. On top of that, yet another false pregnancy from Athena. We are going to try to put her on a diet since she may be too fat to get pregnant.

Much better news: Radagast gave birth to five beautiful babies, and she is a fantastic first-time mother! It’s common for new moms to have some casualties because they often have no idea what to do. They are all healthy, fed, heavily protected by Radagast, and just as feisty as her. My mom and I have gained her trust with the babies and she allows us to quickly inspect them every day, then gives me her sign of love: nose boops. She grunts like hell at my husband, though. Each baby has a completely different color and pattern from everyone else, but one looks just like Greenbean, and another may look just like Radagast.

Taken on the night of their birth- November 15, the day before my brother’s birthday, and right on due date!

More bunnies. So many more bunnies. A woman contacted my mother because she was moving and had a colony of rabbits that needed to be rehomed for free. She did not originally say the breed, and she was about two hours away. Some friends closer to the colony volunteered to catch the rabbits and inspect them, as well as bring over some for us… soooo, we got ten gorgeous and young Flemish giants. TEN. Eight girls two boys. Most are not purebred, some are mixes, but they are all at least 75% Flemish.



I lucked out. I saw a photo of a gorgeous fawn girl and wanted her, but her photos made her look to be much smaller than the rest. She was not claimed, so the transport brought her with the other. She turned out to be the biggest girl! She is all mine, and I have named her Valkyrie.

That’s her on top. Of course, I was drawn to the one that uses others as a footstool.

Another doe I fell in love with instantly is a favorite of my mom’s as well. Her name is Laverne, and she has a jacked up ear- like, she is missing 1/3 of her ear. She is sweet as pudding, though. I wanted to name her Eowyn because she is blonde, scrappy, and beautiful but my mother has a hard time pronouncing like… ANY name from “Lord of the Rings.” She chose Laverne instead.



You know how they say God works in funny ways? A neighbor recently bought a house just three minutes walking distance from us, right around the corner. She happens to be a rabbit breeder, breeding velveteen lops as well, a breed I instantly fell in love with. Half lop, half rex. A bigger version of Greenbean ❤ Anyway, she is definitely more experienced than us, and she has been kindly helping us with health checks on all the rabbits. We have learned a lot from her already, and today, we performed our first health checks on our own. We think that both of the black Flemish mix girls are pregnant- only time will tell!

I’m hoping Charlotte, my giant girl, is pregnant. She appears to have started a nest, and if she is pregnant, she is due in 11 days.

Oh, just a little tidbit… I learned the hard way that mesquite twigs can get anywhere anytime anyplace, anyhow. Chester learned that the hard way, too. I don’t remember if I have mentioned this previously or not, but a mesquite twig, which are very THORNY, somehow got in his pen and CUT HIS SCROTUM. His sweet brother kept trying to lick the wound clean, aaand you can imagine how well that went. Chester spent three days in a nest box, avoiding Torgue’s good intentions, as we put Blu Kote on him to heal him. He’s significantly better now, thank goodness, and the boys are back to their snuggly wuggly selves.

Chester and Torgue

Did I mention last week was also my brother’s 16th birthday? We were pretty busy for that too, as you could imagine. I made an amazing Oreo cake for him, and honestly, I may have to enter that in the county fair. It was THAT good. I was short missing one Oreo for the top though… that bugged me a lot. #firstworldproblems

What does this week have in store? Thanksgiving, which means deep cleaning. Sewing projects… TOO MANY OF THEM. Mostly Xmas gifts, but still, a lot. And, speaking of Xmas, we may actually, last-minute, be going to Utah in December… so we will see what happens. Totally unplanned, but it may happen.

And one more thing- con time. I am unashamed to admit I love comicon and cosplay. Phoenix Comicon has started guest announcements early, so of course, I will be spending every day until Memorial Day religiously checking their Facebook page for guests announcements. If they get David Duchovny, I will cry. We also have two free hotel nights, so we fully intend on going! We are also a cosplay family, and we have finally decided on the theme, so I have to start figuring out how I am making everyone’s costumes. Four different handmade costumes gets overwhelming, but I have done it before! I will do it again.


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