50 Sewn Gift Ideas (So You Can Stop Panicking Like I am)


That is how I feel right now. I bit off more than I can chew. I have a ton of sewing projects. I didn’t realize how many gift exchanges I signed up for, and of course, I signed up for them all before we made last-minute plans to go to Utah for Xmas. Whoops. Don’t get me wrong, I love to gift. I take it very seriously. I try my best to make nice, functional gifts with prints and designs (I hope) the giftee will love. Thing is, I don’t actually celebrate Xmas, so time tends to slip quickly until I find myself spending all day trying to make nice things for everyone. We do have friends and family who gift to us, and that’s perfectly fine, but I don’t like just taking and not giving back. Doesn’t feel right, you know? Considering that our trip to Utah is being paid for, and we will be there on Xmas day surrounded by people giving gifts I can’t just show up empty-handed. That’s not cool.

I usually do the same basic idea for every gift-giving occasion: Something sewn by me, something made by each kid. My son likes to make treats. My daughter likes to make cards and bath supplies. I make them whatever the heck I can think of. To make things easier on anyone else trying to think of some good ideas, here are a few ideas that anyone who can sew can make. Some are free patterns, some aren’t. I haven’t tried all of these tutorials and patterns, but quite a few, I have. I’m not exactly a seasoned sewer, so if I can do this, anyone can.

  1. Family Travel and Passport Wallet by So Sew Easy (great for anyone who travels)
  2. Soup Bowl Cozies by Happy Hour Stitches (excellent gift for anyone. Free pattern!)
  3. Ethel Tote by Swoon Patterns (one of my favorite patterns, and it’s free!)
  4. Men’s Toiletry Bag by fabric.com (NOTE: Print this pattern horizontally or it will be too small! Free pattern)
  5. Pearl Clutch by Swoon Patterns (another favorite of mine)
  6. Oven Mitts by So Sew Easy (I have not used this pattern. I drafted my own pattern and use that frequently)
  7. Quilted Pot Holders by Islander Sewing Systems (another one I have not used, I have my own method)
  8. Have a Heart Potholder by Sew 4 Fun
  9. Casserole Carrier with Zipper by Nap-Time Creations
  10. 20-Minute Grocery Bag Holder by Craftiness is Not Optional (super easy to follow and quick to make!)
  11. Unisex Adjustable Apron by Purl Soho (one my mom loves)
  12. Anke’s Brush Bag (I make this one sooo much, and it’s a free tutorial!)
  13. Roll Up Case by weallsew.com (Perfect for tools, cosmetic brushes, art supplies, all kinds of things)
  14. Sofa Caddy by sew4home.com (another project I have made myself but not with this particular pattern)
  15. Handmade Hand Towel by Little House Living
  16. Re-Usable Paper Towels by AllParenting (Simple to make and a common favorite)
  17. Peas and Corn Lunch Bags by Sew Sweetness (not a free pattern)
  18. Easy 10 Minute Placemats by Hello Creative Family (One of my very first projects!)
  19. Envelope Pillow Covers by Hey There Home (This is a tutorial for a basic pillow cover. I like to use this as a base and add on embellishments like ruffles, patchwork embroidery, painted handprints from the kids, etc)
  20. My Favorite Mug Cozie by Bethsco (Perfect for cold weather and easy)
  21. Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern by Pretty Prudent (I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time now!)
  22. Quilted Fabric Coasters like on Crazy Mom Quilts (small, basic, adorable, functional)
  23. Table Runner from Living Well Spending Less
  24. No Sew Fleece Blanket from Intructables (Awesome gift, but it does make the hands crampy)
  25. The Necessary Clutch and Wallet by Emmeleigh Bags & Patterns (I have this one and I am so excited to use it in the future)
  26. Quilted iPad Case by SewCanShe (this can totally be made for anyone)
  27. Overnight Duffel Bag on Craftsy
  28. Wine Bottle Bag by thestitchingscientist
  29. Sweet Vintage Apron by Creative Homemaking
  30. Squid Zippered Pencil Pouch by Sew Desu Ne? (LOTS of really cute creations by this artist)
  31. Pencil Cases by Fishsticks Designs (you can also alter this to have extra fabric and grommets at the bottom to fit in a ring binder)
  32. Good to Go Messenger Bag (great for anyone!)
  33. Classic Necktie by Linda Reynold’s
  34. Bow Tie by Martha Stewart
  35. Infinity Scarf by Hello Creative Family (My daughter loves when I make these out of flannel but they don’t give the same “puff” that way)
  36. Car Caddy by Sew4Home (this may be Father’s Day gifts next year!)
  37. Pet Bed by The Spruce (This can be made in different sizes and it’s easy to draft your own pattern! I made one for my chihuahua but my brother’s big Catahoula claimed it for his own)
  38. Dog Collar by Country Brook Design (easy project and adorable gift)
  39. Laptop Bag by Crazy Little Projects (You can modify the straps to however you want)
  40. Adult Bib by Laura’s Sewing Studio (good elderly gift, or just for any messy eater you know. I’ve made one for my mother for this reason!)
  41. Walker Caddy Tutorial by Melly Sews (another excellent elderly gift!)
  42. Undercover Maker Mat Pattern by Lilly Ella (A great addition for anyone who sews in your family, but never has time to sew for themselves)
  43. Bat Plushie by Sew Desu Ne? (AAAAAH MY DAUGHTER WOULD LOVE THIS)
  44. Toothless Plush Pattern by Sew Desu Ne? (this blog maaaay soon become a favorite… SO MUCH CUTENESS)
  45. Egg Collection Apron by Fearless Makers
  46. Reversible Bucket Hat by Oliver + S (these are so easy to do and can be modified to fit anyone)
  47. Simple Skirt (Two Styles) by MADE Everyday (I make skirts for my little lady often, one of the easiest things to make!)
  48. Cloth Diapers, Wipes, and Diaper Covers by Backwoods Home Magazine (I wish I could sew back when my kids were in diapers)
  49. Tea Towels by Lil Luna (The possibilities are endless- get creative!)
  50. Quilted Hanging Wall Decor by Annie’s Catalogue (this particular one is a fall theme and not a pattern, but you can do ANY design and image you want)

So there you go. This list grew bigger than I expected it to.

Now I have to go manhandle the laundry hamper and assemble a kitchen set… then cut out more projects… Thank goodness for sugar-free Monsters.

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