My First Rabbit Show Experience and New Additions

This has been a great weekend! Beautiful weather (completely gray and overcast with temperatures below 75; just what I need to thrive), sewing projects completed, connections made, new additions to the bun family, and valuable learning experiences.

First, I’d love to mention that Radagast’s babies are thriving. We did have one interesting incident… the bunny that was the biggest (named Nickerbean after the largest variety of bean) missed a feeding, and the other babies shot up in size. She didn’t. She isn’t behind, by any means, but she isn’t the biggest anymore. She does appear to have the astrex rex fur, which is what my mom was hoping to bring out. She’s also a blue-eyed white or BEW, which means one of the parents is a carrier for the Vienna gene. I ‘ve suspected Radagast may be a carrier for a while. She has blue-gray eyes and the markings of a Vienna carrier- a pointed white nose is an example.

Very hard to photograph the eyes.
Likely an Astrex baby like her daddy.

They are all gorgeous babies. The best litter so far, honestly. In order: Nicker Bean, Navy Bean, Lady Lima Bean, Garbanzo, and Chickpea. They seem to be all girls ❤

So, to update on this weekend…

I attended my first rabbit show, and that was a great experience. It wasn’t huge at all, but there were a good variety of rabbits, guinea pigs, and even a few chickens for sale from breeders that came from all over Arizona. The night before the show, a woman contacted me asking if I was still interested in purchasing white rexes. I had made a few posts in various groups trying to find a breeding pair with no luck. She was very helpful and informative, so I met her at the show. She had two white rexes with her, a male and a female, with endearing personalities, good shape and size, and gorgeous fur. She was asking a very fair price, and I took them home. Their names are Walter and Lotus. They still have a few months to grow before they can be bred, but that’s alright. I love their personalities! They’re curious and friendly cuddlers ❤ My goal for them is to breed for meat and pelts. I really wanted a white pair so I had good pelts to dye different colors.


My mom met with a breeder friend of hers (who is a real admirable farmer- her house and setup are life goals!) and picked up these two stunning babies. They’re New Zealand/Flemish/some other third thing. BIG babies, beautiful fur, perfect for meat and pelts. And, their names were Obi-Wan and Leia, so we kinda had to take them.


We also got ourselves each an unexpected third rabbit- a male velveteen lop for me and a lop mix thing doe for my other. I LOVE velveteen lops. Perfect rex fur, adorable floppy ears, excellent pet size, temperature hardy, and they are known for their wonderful personalities. I’m really wanting to start breeding them for pets. They’re not an official “recognized” breed and they aren’t very well known, but they are such a great little mix! They would be an excellent breed for my kids, too.

Pearl, my black mix breed that we got from the same breeder we just got Obi-Wan and Leia from, has been working on her nest like crazy for several days. She would be due in two weeks with part Flemish babies. Her half-sister, Charlotte, was due on December first… nothing. I’m going to have to rebreed her. Again. Three males, and nothing.

All those Flemish girls may be pregnant now. They all have gained a half pound over two weeks- one gained a full pound. One of those girls was not bred here, so if she is pregnant, she would be due in no more than a week.

Tomorrow, I am processing pelts for the first time. We have a jar of feet soaking in rubbing alcohol right now and I ordered supplies to turn those into keychains. I hope the pelts turn out well! It’s supposed to be only 67 and completely cloudy (PERFECT weather to me) tomorrow, so I will breed my girls and work on those pelts, then work on sewing more Christmas gifts, if I have time!

We’re getting closer and closer to reaching our goals. It’s been an expensive experience, but I do believe this will all be worth it in the long run.


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